QOTD: Yelling List Of Outrage!

Who else is getting lost in the long list of things they are outraged by?!

I decided to make a list of my inner thoughts. Yes, I’m YELLING!!! :

  • No one is listening to mask expert, Chris Schaefer? Paper/fabric masks DO NOT work!!!
  • Why doesn’t Kenney and Hinshaw adopt the Sweden model?! FIRE NENSHI!!!
  • If you’re so scared, why don’t YOU stay home and let the rest of us live?!
  • WE charity scandal finance committee is cancelled. Wait…What?! Uh…Canada? Hello!?!
  • What’s behind the redactions already?! No, we didn’t forget!!!! Come on!!!
  • WHY on EARTH’S SOIL is the NDP supporting the Liberals in this cover-up
  • How is nobody talking about how Hillary spied on the Trump campaign???
  • Dear, God. Can we just put everyone involved in “Cuties” in jail and shut down Netflix?
  • BLM/POC are promoting separation and segregation and in your fight for inclusion!!!
  • Canada have a PM who did black-face! If you voted for him, can I call you a racist?!?
  • Why are we importing oil but won’t allow it produced and shipped from ourselves???
  • I’ll tell them where they can shove those vaccines
  • Not tested on animals?!?! It should be NOT TESTED ON AFRICANS, Mr. Gates!!!
  • Bill Gates, Mastercard, Gavi alliance and the world doesn’t bat an eye?!?!
  • WHO is going to pay for all these Oprah-Trudeau give-aways???
  • How do you know who Kamala Harris is, but you don’t know who Leslyn Lewis is?!?!?!
  • Did “Climate Change” rename itself to Michael and Anita? California fire arsonist!!!
  • The government is here to REPRESENT us, not RULE us!!!!
  • Imagine the people realized our true power! Strength in numbers!!! Such pansies!!!! (Well, I guess I’m a pansy, too… hiding behind the keyboard… this is my contribution…for now, anyways. Maybe I’m a prole?….)

Ok, that’s the rant for the day…