Yes, I said “Aboot”! Depending on who you ask, that’s how Canadians say about. Alright, the cat’s out the bag – I’m a Canadian, born and raised. I am a 1st Generation Canadian and can’t imagine being born anywhere else.

BCC: This stands for Black, Christian, Canadian, and with predominantly Conservative views.


After years of pent-up frustration and mind-numbing conversations void of logic, here I am. At least blogging doesn’t make me feel like I’m speaking to a brick wall…

I haven’t (yet) lost faith that I am a part of the silent majority. I haven’t (yet) lost faith that there are much more people than the media care to show that aren’t intellectually idle. Please read my “Intro” blog. That will tell you all that you need and want to know about me.

You can tell by the style of my site that I am plain and straight forward. I don’t need frills and gimmicks to type the truth. As long as one has a love for reading and a desire to learn the perspectives of others, you will enjoy my site!

Thank you for taking time out to read my blog. I look forward to waking up the world with you!

Your mind is yours to control.
My mind is mine to control.