QOTD: Why Is Canada Protecting China?

WHY? WHY? WHY is the Trudeau government trying to protect China?

Trudeau sent our mask stockpile to China back in January – for free!
China was given a sample of the Ebola virus from our Winnipeg lab back in 2019.
Trudeau has even expressed his admiration for the Chinese government.
Now the Canadian gov’t is trying to BLOCK the release of details from the raid? Siting it might interfere with diplomatic relations with China?

Who cares! WHO doesn’t care! (Notice: this is a statement, not a question! They don’t care! Trudeau only cares about lining his pockets. The Chinese and WHO only care about controlling the world and lining their pockets. There is no loyalty.

Canada, we are on our own in this fight. We need to get the Trudeau Liberals out. QUICKLY, before it’s too late…

What more do we need to show us that our country is being SOLD OUT TO CHINA?!

See slides below c/o Global News – No copy-write infringement intended

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