QOTD: 2024… Already?

Where did 2023 go?

I was cleaning out a bag that has been putting around the trunk of my car for a couple years- and what a difference those couple years have made. I am so grateful to be on this side of 2024 and able to reminisce from this bag of goods.

Here are my top favourite items of what I found:

A newspaper.
Druthers: Issue #16. March 2022.
Headline: Ottawa Freedom Convoy: Tears Down Illusion of Democracy in North America

A sticker.
White Rose
The sticker said: One day it will dawn on you that the people you ridiculed and dismissed as conspiracy theorists and anti-vaxxers were just friends and family members who cared about you enough to tell you the truth

This aged better than fine wine!

A book
Title: Fix Canada: Covid-19th Edition by Jeff Willerton
This was an awesome read

A Pin
Stating: I AM EXEMPT. MaskExemption.ca

As much as I hated those times of tyranny, I sure do miss marching with my freedom friends every weekend.

There is still a group in Inglewood that I honk and wave at every time I see them. Perhaps I will buy another bag for the trunk and head to the corner to start a new memory bag for 2030. Gw.