QOTD: Planet Mars & Abortion

What kind of world do we live in where people will await and celebrate a lifeform found on Mars, while simultaneously holding the view that the beginning of a lifeform in utero can be distinguished?

Are we suddenly forgetting the miraculousness of the beginning stages of a living organism?

Oh, it’s not extra terrestrial, so it doesn’t count, I guess…

This just feels like the irony to end all ironies… The world watching and waiting with excitement to find a something living – but once we, earthlings, find it – how long until it becomes inconvenient or obsolete with our plans before we try to convince the solar system that it’s ok to kill it?

How many decades, centuries, millennia until we categorize it as a nuisance? A parasite? A danger? Who will we give that power to make that classification?

MARS – Earthlings can hardly wait to find signs of life
EARTH – Earthlings can hardly wait to destroy a life

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