QOTD: Shooting In Self-Defense

How do you think the below situation would have turned out had this homeowner not been armed?

According to CTV news report, a criminal was attempting to steal a vehicle from a rural property near Airdrie, Alberta on Jan 26, 2021. A neighbour caught the criminal, and was shot at. The Neighbour returned fire, as well as the homeowner. The vehicle was NOT stolen, and the vehicle owner and neighbour who returned fire in self defense lived to tell the story!

How do you think this would have ended had the innocent, law-abiding citizens been unarmed? How would a firearm ban have prevented this situation? Answer: It wouldn’t, because the criminal would STILL find a way to be in possession of a firearm that he did not legally obtain!

Credit to ctvnews.ca: Airdrie Rural RCMP was called to a property near Range Road 25, west of Airdrie, about 3:15 p.m. on Jan. 26 after a homeowner spotted someone trying to steal their truck from the driveway.

“As police were en-route, a neighbour arrived and approached the suspect,” police said in a release.

“The suspect fired a shot at the property owner and neighbor, and the neighbour returned fire in self defence. Thankfully no one was injured during this exchange.”

Members of the Airdrie, Cochrane, and Red Deer detachments set up containment awaiting arrival of the emergency response team and police dog.

The man refused to surrender and the police dog was used to take a suspect into custody.

Blaine Elliot Manywounds, 32, is facing 11 charges, including:

  •  Theft of motor vehicle;
  •  Possession of a firearm while prohibited;
  •  Two counts of obstructing/resisting a police officer;
  •  Possession of a weapon for a dangerous purpose;
  •  Two counts of failure to comply with release conditions;
  •  Possession of stolen property under $5,000;
  •  Discharging firearm with intent;
  •  Break and enter and theft, and;
  •  Pointing a firearm.

Manywounds remains in custody and is scheduled to appear in Airdrie provincial court on Feb. 11.

In 2017, Manywounds was found not guilty of manslaughter in connection with the 2014 death of 35-year-old Brian Blackkettle, according to court records.

Blackkettle was found unconscious in Century Gardens Park in downtown Calgary on July 17, 2014. Police determined Blackkettle had been struck by another man and Manywounds, who said he had remained in the park and cooperated with the police investigation, was identified as a suspect.

Manywounds has a lengthy court record, which includes charges for possession of stolen property, driving without insurance, possession of a controlled substance and break-and-enter in 2019 and 2020. ” – Credit: ctvnews.ca

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