QOTD: Boycott Westjet?

At what point do citizens continue to support companies who use bullying tactics to enforce face mask-wearing?

I know someone who was on this flight. The child was crying for an extended period of time while they tried to force the child to wear a mask! There was another passenger who was on their way to visit their dying mother. This flight was cancelled all because a small child was afraid and not (yet) used to wearing a mask.

A week ago due to Westjet’s bullying tactics (before yesterday’s incident), I deactivated my Westjet account. I made this decision the day after flying with them. They recently announced their mandatory face mask policy effective Sept 01, and I knew that this draconian approach spelled the end for my dealings with them. Prior to the safety message before the plane left the terminal, the flight attendant stated that they are “keeping track” of passengers that they have to remind to pull their mask up. If I wasn’t desperate to return home, I would have exited the plane and booked with Air Canada instead – not because I didn’t want to wear my mask, but because of the agressive and dehumanizing tactics they used to try to scare their paying passengers.

Hopefully enough people find an alternative carrier – just on principle. It’s bad enough that Westjet didn’t distance itself from the WE Charity scandal, now they’re doing this? Bye-bye. No, thanks!