What’s the Magic Word? Conspiracy Theory!

A couple days ago, I saw a story take over the internet. Within a few hours, everywhere I looked, I saw the word “conspiracy theory” or “debunked” slapped onto the headlines of these damage control articles. Barely 24 hours passed by and the internet was able to tell us that these serious allegations were unequivocally false.

So, let me get this straight – without any investigation, without authorities looking into the allegations, someone, somewhere on the internet determined that anyone who entertains the idea that these crazy allegations are true must be labelled as a “conspiracy theorists”? Nothing to see here! Keep it moving!

Conspiracy Theory. It’s like the neuralyzer from the Men in Black movie. It’s as if those magical words are supposed to erase your memory so you can move on to a less trivial thought.

This reminds me of that news lady who got caught on a hot mic…Someone tried to expose the truth about Epstein, and the media shut it down. Any truth that leaks is labelled a conspiracy theory.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying all conspiracy theories are true. I consider myself an average person, but one who likes to ask questions – which is a dying art, unfortunately.

Let me stop all the vagueness and give a tangible example of my thought process:
So, I see the absolutely ridiculous posts that Wayfair is into child trafficking somehow… I see a cabinet – whether industrial or not – priced at an astronomical dollar figure. My first thought is, “There must have been a typo! How easy is it to type $12000.00 instead of $1200.00! That’s hardly proof,” I scoffed. I then saw an article stating that conspiracy theorists are going wild! Wayfair allegedly responded and refuted the claim of child trafficking, but said the cabinets were accurately priced, because they were industrial-grade. They stated they would remove the cabinets from their site to update the description correctly so that, basically, the silly little conspiracy theorists will see why they cost so much.
So, there! The conspiracy theorists can readmit themselves into the mad-house and leave normal people alone! See! It was just a misunderstanding. No big deal! Right?
And then the WAVE of OTHER products with more insane dollar figures came in like a flood! I know that in this age of technology, seeing isn’t always believing, but all of this could not be explained away.

I’m not going to bore you with the rest of the play-by-play, but if you don’t know, do some more searching for yourself. You must ask yourself a question – what if the entire world listened to Wayfair’s excuse that the cabinets are correctly priced? We wouldn’t then see $10,000.00 dollar pillows. Pillows. Ten. Thousand. Dollars. Throw pillows for, lemme say it one more time, ten thousand dollars. Furniture, art, pillows at crazy prices that have yet to be explained.

Why were everyday items priced so insanely high in the first place?
Why is no one providing a coherent explanation?

They are banking on the next big attention-grabber that is around the corner – that’s why! By this time next week, we’ll be onto the next big story. Maybe an alien invasion…who knows anymore.

We are living in a time where the most insane stories are worth a second look.
It’s better to spend 10 minutes proving that an issue is false, than spending 10 seconds to dismiss what could be true. Take another look and ASK QUESTIONS. You may find nothing. You may find lies. What if you find the truth?

Your mind is yours to control.
My mind is mine to control.

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