We Are Many, They Are Few! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!

Jason Kenney, Deena Hinshaw, Tyler Shandro, Alberta, Canada, WORLD!!!!

WHY on God’s green EARTH are we testing *everything* that MOVES?

The people are not stupid! Enough is enough! People are suffering! Businesses are suffering. WE ARE THE MAJORITY!!! WHY ARE WE LETTING A FEW CONTROL US?!?

Out of the 1500+ cases today in Alberta, why don’t they tell us HOW MANY ARE ASYMPTOMATIC?
Because, the jig would be up! The fear would be over! They’re inundating the news with how many “new cases” but not telling people that MOST of those cases are asymptomatic or just the sniffles! But, no! Instead, the media continues its chaos and fear-mongering coverage! They also don’t factor in the FALSE POSITIVE results of the PCR tests!

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!! Tomorrow’s Alberta announcement will determine what happens next in Alberta.

The few are about to find out how the many feel.

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