UCP AGM 2023

Fortis et Liber

Best money I’ve ever spent on any 2 day convention (AGM).

Even as a quiet introvert, I met and spoke with a lot of people.

We had, at times, quick bursts of spirited debate, but never have I ever been so proud to be part of a group. At the end of the day, I saw unity.

Premiere Danielle Smith, I am praying for your strength as we move forward and against the tide. I pray your protection and longevity with this party. I pray that you continue to listen the the views of your members. I pray that Alberta becomes an international example of how to manage a province.

I didn’t meet a single person that wasn’t energized after hearing our premiere speak. Iam not gullible enough to think there weren’t moles or NDP/Liberal plants in the room, and if there truly were, they should be very afraid.

Thank you to every kind of conservative that took part in the process tonight. Whether you’re social, fiscal, or identify as a libertarian conservative, it was great to be a part of history this weekend, wasn’t it?