Sheila Annette Lewis

It’s a sad day. RIP Sheila Annette Lewis.

I am ashamed to type her name.
I am ashamed to be an Albertan.
I am ashamed to be Canadian.

To all her loved ones; I am ashamed I did not put a single cent towards fundraising for her. It’s a regret I will live with for the rest of my life. I don’t know why I thought she was in Texas getting treatment. Shame on me for being distracted.

My dollar may not have saved her, but 1000 of us with 100 dollars would have.

God rest her soul – and I hope we don’t rest until everyone who has been and is still pushing this fraud upon us faces judgement. If not in this lifetime, they will answer for it in eternity.

I am deeply sorry for this loss and I hope we can learn from this and see that we are just one health challenge away from being Sheila.

God have mercy on us all.