QOTD: Your Mom Was a Ho? You Die.

What if your mom was a ho? Wow! What kind of crazy, offensive question is that!?! Well, here is why I am asking…

We seem to live in a world that is fixated on fighting for a right to destroy life. The #1 argument that pro-death/pro-abortion people make is, “What if she was raped!? She shouldn’t have to be forced to carry the baby!?”

So, to me that means that the MANNER in which you were conceived dictates your WORTH as a human being.

(Let me be very clear that I don’t believe that someone who was raped is a ho. Just want to put that out there.)

Let’s fast forward 25 years from now (because, at this rate, I imagine we will have post-birth abortion and MAID (aka assisted suicide) overlapping- meaning that society can choose to abort whomever it chooses – no matter the age).

In 25 years, a person (peoplekind) discovers that they were conceived out of wedlock. Once discovered, it is deemed an illegitimate conception. That is grounds for a post-birth abortion of the 25 year old. Abortion approved!

Your father was on drugs when you were conceived = Abort.

Your parents were on welfare = Abort.

Your don’t know who your father is = Abort.

Your mom was a ho = ABORT!

The manner in which you were conceived should have zero bearings on whether you deserve to live. Period.

NOW – You have anxiety? You die. But that’s another topic for another day.

God help us all.