QOTD: You Still Use Google???

Do you see what is happening in the world right now?
Do you see that anyone who has a conservative opinion that doesn’t conform with the “left” is being wiped out from big tech platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube?

They (along with the mainstream media) have been working hard to brainwash their viewers into conformance. Now that Biden’s cheating has him with the title of Elect, the technazi’s have been empowered to move towards communism. But, WE hold the power!
IMAGINE: 80 million Americans cancelling + a couple hundred thousand Canadians cancelling big tech! IMAGINE! But it will be a tough feat, because of how lazy we’ve become as a society. Many don’t want to give up the convenience or having to deal with the learning curve of using a new platform… But if you’re serious about democracy and keeping our rights, the time is NOW to transition.

INSTEAD of Instagram or Twitter, use PARLER
INSTEAD of Youtube, use BITCHUTE

There are so many alternate platforms to use, that you don’t have to be big tech’s whore!

No matter what your “beliefs” are, imagine you were not allowed to believe it! Free speech is either free, or it’s not. You can’t pick and choose who is permitted to hold a certain value and still call it free. TIME TO PUT YOUR RAGE TO CONSTRUCTIVE USE!

If you decide to continue to use these big tech platforms while complaining about how bad things are getting, then I must tell you to go fly a kite.

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