QOTD: Will Anti-Freedom Protesters Stalk the Freedom Rally March 26?

Now that the freedom rally in Calgary will be at city hall/ Calgary olympic plaza, do you think the anti-freedom protesters are going to find another excuse to try to counter protest against us?

My guess is OF COURSE they will. Under what guise? My guess is that they will declare that there are too many white people. This means they’ll have to default to the only (boring) accusation that works for the intellectually lazy – so, it will be labelled as a white supremacist gathering.

This freedom group has been marching for almost 2 years, and the only disruptions and violence that have ever occured has only happened when ‘Black Lives Matter’ and ‘Panti-fa’ show up. Why are they there? They, themselves, don’t even know! Beats me…

Praying that whatever hole these groudhogs crawled out from over the winter they will go back to it.

We won. We finally got the media to acknowled us. They finally covered the story on who we are and where we are! WE WON!!! Period.