QOTD: Why You Won’t Cancel Big Tech

Why is it so hard for people to give up on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube?
Why is it so hard to ask people to use Brave instead of Chrome, or to use Protonmail instead of gmail?
What is so difficult about setting up a Gab, Minds, MeWe, Bitchute, Rumble and transitioning your friends, groups and viewers there?

Why is it that the ones who cry the loudest about the suppression of conservative voices and freedom of speech are still nursing at the teat of the technocracy – the very ones responsible for the suppression of our rights?

I understand that some larger companies have contracts or other complications and need to use some big tech, but we must CANCEL the CANCELLERS… PURGE the PURGERS… We need to hit them in the dollars, because that’s where it hurts them most! The bible says the LOVE OF money is the ROOT of ALL EVIL. They don’t care about lives or livelihoods, but when you refuse to help them profit from you, we take our power back and put them on notice!

I don’t want to hear ONE MORE conservative complain while they’re sending YouTube clips on how we are being censored emails from their gmail accounts. These people are not part of the solution.

THERE ARE SO MANY OPTIONS OUT THERE! The second Parler is back up, I’ll be there!

But many won’t fight and cancel big tech.


Because it’s inconvenient…

Think about that for a second and how sad that is. They’re banking on our laziness and being accustomed to comfort. Let’s prove them wrong!