QOTD: Why Mask Wearers Get Sick?

Do you know why so many mask-wearers are getting sick?

I was harassed in Dollarama by 2 separate associates screaming, “Excuse me! Do you have a mask?!?”

Unfortunately, I can’t tell you anything about their facial expression or their physical features, because I didn’t even bother to make eye contact. In hindsight I wish, at the very least, that I turned my eyeballs to survey and archive the shock and horror that must have possessed their faces; Instead, I continued about my business. Nope! I’m exempt.

When I finished collecting my Made in China trinkets, I went out to my car and sat for a moment. It didn’t take more than a moment for a perfect example of why masks are useless, and how most mask wearers are getting sick. The short answer is because they have a false sense of security; the long answer comes in the following illustration that I observed.

In a matter of seconds, I watched a man walking towards Dollarama. He began to blow his nose, turn the tissue around to the other side, wipe his nose again, shove the tissue in his pocket, pulled up his face mask, and with his little, bare, diseased hands, he reached out and opened the door!

How many people do you think touched that door after him?

Before he pulled up his mask, and before he blew his nose, did he wash his hands?

Clearly, he’s accustomed to touching door handles that thousands of people touch per day. If this man was in a grocery store, maybe he touched the produce you brought home? How many items did he touch in the dollar store?

Before you get ahead of yourself, I am not saying that we need gloves. I am not saying that we need hand santizer. I’m not even saying that we need any restrictions. I am showing how humans are, have been and will always be! We are germy! Well, some more than others – but we have been living this way for centuries.

If you are afraid to get sick then you will wash your hands and not be so keen to open doors bare-handed.

I’ve seen people at Costco pay for their food on a touch machine, then lift their mask to sneak a fry in their mouths! But, oh, they have a mask on – so that’ll save them, right?…

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