QOTD: Why I’m Voting Danielle Smith?

Do you want to know why I would vote for Danielle Smith for the Premiere of Alberta?

Well, I’ve had the luxury of NOT being immersed in politics until Notley came into power and made me, an indifferent voter, notice the destruction of our province shortly after the start of her reign of terror. Prior to this, I was fairly apathetic.

After voting for Jason Kenney, who i was grateful was elected instead of Notley, I began listening to 770CHQR radio. The Danielle Smith show was the only radio show I could stomach. Although I didn’t agree with her 100% of the time, I had a huge respect for her tact, and questioning of her guests. She had a variety of important topics and seemed to be the only one interested in asking tough questions and encouraging respectful debate.

I listened to her very last show. As painfully out of tune her voice was, I still shed a couple tears as she sang her goodbye song.

I spent a few years listening to this person who was NOT in the running for a position as premiere. She was not in campaign mode, which means, she was speaking from an opinion that she genuinely held.

Now that she is officially running, she is the same Danielle I am hearing now as I heard for those years when she had no incentive to impress me (or anyone).

The elephant in the room is that she crossed the floor, uniting the Wild Rose and PC party without consulting the membership, but I have so much respect for how she addressed and acknowledged that as being a huge mistake she made.

As a Christian, the theme of the bible is redemption. There are so many people of the bible who made MAJOR mistakes – worse than the one Danielle made… Did you know Moses murdered someone? David committed adultery with another man’s wife and got her pregnant. If that wasn’t bad enough, he had the man murdered and took his wife. There are so many stories of men who made mistakes, but who were forgiven and their lives ended with distinction and honour.

Who better to lead than someone who has gone through the trenches?

Anyways, I’m not posting this to convince anyone of anything, just to share a small glimpse into why she will be my vote.

Also, where is Brian Jean? I haven’t seen or heard anything from him of value lately. I don’t know Brian, but I’ve spent hours with Danielle in my ears.


  1. She is conservative
  2. She’s libertarian
  3. She has experience
  4. She is vocal and making her positions clear
  5. She is against lockdowns and mandates
  6. She is for Alberta agriculture, oil, and gas and common sense policies to grow Alberta industries
  7. We need unity. I believe she can reinstate HOPE. Old Wild Rose needs to have forgiveness in their heart and get behind the UCP leader. NOT Notley!
  8. Alberta autonomy. I believe she will fight for greater sovereignty for Alberta


  1. She took the convid jab
    Now, wait a second! Before you get mad at me, I say this is a con because, sorry, but no one with deep critical thinking skills succumbed to this vakzine campaign unless
    A. They were stupid enough to believe it
    B. Materialistic person who would give up their bodily autonomy in exchange for an ability to ‘travel’ *eyeroll or
    C. Financially crippled and threatened by their employer, thus forced to take it.
    Anyone who took it voluntarily is a moron or a sheep. Sorry, not sorry. If you have another reason that isn’t dumb, then let me know…
  2. The one thing I would ask her if I ever had the chance to meet her is why she thinks a digital QR code is a good idea. My belief is that even if someone has natural immunity via regular infection, I don’t think we should have ANY codes or passes, period. We should also remove ALL covid mandates in Alberta.

Otherwise, she is the best person for the job.

Danielle Smith has my vote.