QOTD: Why Ask Why?

Did you ever notice someone who is securely fastened to an opinion, but when you ask WHY, they struggle to explain?

How can one be so dedicated to a notion, ideal, opinion, cause, movement that they are unable to articulate in basic terms?

Why, Who, What, When, How, Which, When… The physical and emotional reaction to a question is often more telling than the verbal response itself.

You hate Trump? Why? Which of his policies are his best/worst?
You like Trudeau? Why? Which of his policies do you most/least respect?
You don’t eat meat? Why? How do you think humanity has survived thus far?
You oppose coal, oil and gas? Why? What is the alternative and what powers your electric car?
You don’t believe in God? Why? Have you looked at the beauty and perfection of heaven and earth? Does creation itself not show you that the design of the world is a work of art, and the signature of God is written all over it, if you choose to see it?

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