QOTD: Why a White Supremacist Killed White People at a BLM Riot?

***TRIGGER WARNING*** (Pun intended)

Is it just me, or are white supremacists supposed to only kill *NON* white people?
Like, I thought the point of white supremacy was supposed to preserve the white race.

2 words: Kyle Rittenhouse.

Let me post this from my black perspective, if I may.

The Kyle Rittenhouse trial is all over the airways. If you don’t know, go find out and come back.

Now. Those who subscribe to the mainstream narrative will believe that this young man was a white supremacist terrorist who murdered 2 people at a BLM (Black Lives Matter) and Antifa riot.

I won’t go into details of the nights’ events, because it’s all unfolding in the trial.

The most important thing I really need to ask Liberals, social justice warriors, and ignorant negroes is, “Why would a white supremacist shoot 3 WHITE people, killing two of them? Was there a shortage of black folk to kill at that BLM riot? Huh?!?”

THIS is the problem with Liberals, social justice warriors and ignorant negroes – they don’t ask questions. They don’t search for truth. They don’t care about facts. They simply use whatever fits their own opinion and agenda. They are the masters of cognitive dissonance, double-think, and group-think.

Finally, I can say this from experience – I have been to rallies in Alberta where “Black Lives Matter” had shown up with a sea of white folk and 2.5 black people at the forefront. I was yelled at and called a “Nazi” by the very people who pretend that my life matters. Afterall, any black person who doesn’t adopt the slave mentality of the liberal left is now branded as the ‘black face of white supremacy’ – or, as I like to call it, EMANCIPATED FROM MENTAL SLAVERY. I can’t be shamed into intellectual regression. Sorry. Nope.

I hope you see the connection. I am not saying that blacks didn’t play a role in rioting. I am saying that there is a division going on in the name of unity lead by liberal/democrat/leftist/SJW or whatever you want to label them as. All that is happening is more fighting. No one is advancing, not even blacks. The only ones winning are the ones who are playing both sides and getting us to fight eachother.

Now, for you white folk who peacefully adopt a cause and rally, I’m not talking to you. I’m talking about the ones who hitch themselves into a movement (whether I agree with it or not) to selfishly achieve their OWN personal or political agenda.

I can’t help but to, again, think back to Malcolm X’s statement about white liberals being THE WORST enemy for blacks. HOWEVER. I think the only way to truly have PROGRESS is to forget about melanin levels and find the puppet master that has us all fighting and killing each other. And turn off the main stream media. Stop it. Just. Stop.

This image is not intended to sew even further division, rather to remind us all of the agenda of the left. A modern example of whites pretending to care about equality is Justin Trudeau. He is the perfect example of who Malcolm X was speaking about.