QOTD: Who is Marching for You?

Did you watch the Calgary protests on the news? Did you attend? Did you attend any protest in your area? If not, why not?

If you are AGAINST the government mandating ‘anything’, then why haven’t you risen up against this tyranny?

I’ll answer for you – FEAR.

You are afraid.

WELL DONE, CALGARY. We were proud to be a part of the walk for FREEDOM! This march is NOT “against” masking, it’s against MANDATORY measures. If you’re comfortable wearing a mask, wear one, but we all have the RIGHT TO CHOOSE.

You may be afraid to get a $1000 fine. You may be afraid that your boss will spot you on T.V. You may be afraid to catch the wu-flu. No matter what, those of you who are remaining silent – which is your right – are muzzling yourselves because the fear to act is more powerful than the realization that your rights are slowly being eroded.

But, no worries. Watch the news and see who is marching for you. The ones who can see the future. The ones who have heard for months that we only need “2 more weeks to flatten the curve.” Once you realize that these measures are intended to last forever, maybe then you will stand? What are you waiting for?