QOTD: White People – Question for You

White people, can you please stop being silenced due to fear? Please?

As a black person, I speak to many white people who say that they wish they can wear a MAGA/MCGA hat. I can see how crippled many of them are with fear of being labelled a racist. I think the average white person would rather be shot or tortured rather than be accused of being a white supremacist.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I have seen my share of vile white supremacist statements in the comments section of many posts, but I know that those disgusting individuals no longer represents the vast majority of white people! Furthermore, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was some liberal SJW or Antifa placing those comments in there! You can’t put anything past those evil bastards.

Below is a list of things that intellectual black people would like white people to know.


  1. BLACKS ARE NOT ON BOARD: Many black people don’t endorse the foolery that the media would like you to believe. We can see right through the “white supremacist” accusations and how it’s used to demonize groups that don’t conform to the suggested mainstream narrative. We (blacks) are tired of our skin colour being used as a battering ram, but most blacks are not vocal enough when it comes to issues such as this.
  2. STICKS AND STONES MAY BREAK YOUR BONES: If you are not racist, STOP worrying about being labelled as one. The attention span of many of those fools are so short that they will attack you, and before they finish their sentence, they’re searching for their next cancel culture victim. Now, if they are going after your job and doxxing you, that’s another issues. Maybe just send me an email if you’re experiencing that and I will rally some troops to assist!
  3. DONALD TRUMP SUPPORT: Supporting or liking Donald Trump does NOT make you a racist. As a matter of fact, I find that the only racism I ever encounter are from liberals (of all colours) thinking that I can’t possibly support Trump because I’m black… They think all blacks are poor, disenfranchised, and needs a liberal saviour to emancipate us. Imagine – I’ve never heard anything racist from a white Trump supporter.
  4. GREAT AGAIN SLOGANS: Yes, you can wear any “Make ___ Great Again” hat or clothing item you want! If a SEA of people (of all colours) began wearing it, we would prove the point that it’s just a statement that we agree with. (Today at the freedom walk, I saw many people wearing such slogans… Black (me), Asian,… we just need to show that we are all in agreement. If you grow a pair, then you know where to get your hat 🙂 Go to my store! AND- if you don’t have the guts to wear it alone, just wear with a group of other people! Who cares!
  5. FIND MORE NON-WHITE FRIENDS: The best way to see how diverse and dynamic we are as black people, try to acquaint yourself with more blacks.

    BLACKS ARE ALSO CONFUSED: *I use the term “Black” but some black people might find that term offensive and rather be called a “person of colour” or “African-Canadian/American” or… whatever.
    We are not sure if we are supposed to be offended if you tell us that you like our hair, or ask us where we’re from…
    We are living in a society where we ourselves can’t even keep up with the list of terms that we’re supposed to be offended by.

Just relax, enjoy life, and operate from a good place in your heart. If you didn’t mean to offend with a statement you made, then just express that! If they don’t accept it, then that’s THEIR snowflake problem, not yours! All that said, if you’re still too scared, then just keep your head down, smile and nod, and let yourselves become the new slaves.


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