QOTD: What is Facism/ Facist?

As I stood at a peaceful gathering today, I watched a group of white men with Antifa flags and BLM posters; “hooded” and masked up in black. They managed to scrounge up some Indigenous people, who clearly have no idea that they’re beating their drum in vain and on the wrong side of bravery and freedom fighters.

Antifa was there to intimidate and interrupt the rally for freedom. The cowardice was on full display as none of them had the guts to dare show their faces. Why? They were there to intimidate a gathering of people who are fighting for freedom.

So, wait. Can someone provide me with the definition of facism, please?

Most dictionaries define it as people who are (or support) dictatorial rule and forcible suppression of the opposition.

Ok – so, we have Anti-Facists (Antifa) who are supposed to be fighting AGAINST those who are forcing us into mandates and lockdowns, but instead they’re fighting against the ones who are fighting FOR FREEDOM and deliverance from a facist government…

I’m just gonna leave this right here…

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  1. Fascism, Communism, Socialism, and Racism are now ‘re-imagined’ into one ideology called Globalism. It gives license to immoral, uninformed leaders and sheep to double down on stupid. Groups like ANTIFA and BLM are the dumb and dangerous truth of this.

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