QOTD: What Does the Bible & Homeschooling Have in Common?

Can we thank The Rona for encouraging families to consider taking a more “biblical” approach to child-rearing?

According to the bible, a man shall work by the sweat of his brow so the family can eat bread, and the mother takes care of the home and the children.
Let’s pretend that every couple got married prior to having children. Let’s also pretend that marriage was still sacred and our spouse was not disposable. Now, if the father provides (mainly) financially and the mother provides the education and nurture to the children and the home, there would no longer be any need for schools and daycares.

WOW! What a thought! That a 2-parent family could split duties and take full control of their household… This would completely OBLITERATE all the WHINING and irrational fear about sending the kids to school!

Sounds like a lot of businesses would be unable to capitalize on the dismantling of the family unit if there was one parent at home teaching and raising their own kids… but I guess this is more of a statement than a question! Oops! But just think about it for a minute…

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