QOTD: What Does a Racist Look Like?

Let’s pretend that a white man is accused of not liking black people and being racist against them. What would his actions look like towards such people if he were truly a racist?

Let’s take a look at a RACIST: Donald Trump

To keep this quick, I will only mention the most current example:

Most recently, Trump said, “Expensive Insulin went from big dollars to virtual pennies…” Blacks suffer from diabetes at a higher rate.
Why would a racist help to lower this cost burden and improve the life of blacks. Maybe you think this is a stretch. Maybe you’re saying that it was a prescription drug executive order, not targeted to help blacks. Ok, that’s fair. But keep searching for your own facts. I have added a couple examples below, and you can take your research from there. As a black person, I don’t see a racist at all! I see a racist neither years ago, nor now.

  1. Lowered costs for medications
  2. First Step Act – Prison reform
  3. Lowest unemployment rate for black people
  4. Promoted and assisted black organizations and people
  5. Never been caught in black-face – Yep, gotta dig at Trudeau whenever I can!

Welp! Doesn’t look racist to me!… But what do I know, I’m just a black person who has been around racism and knows what it looks like (and what it doesn’t look like).