QOTD: What Do Gun Owners Look Like?

Could you point out a firearms owner just by looking at them? Do they look mean and scary? Do they look like criminals? Do they have any specific trait that you can spot from a mile away?

Thanks to the over-consumption of Hollywood, our politicians and media propaganda, most people view guns as scary and their owners as gangsters and murderers.

I would encourage everyone to do their research about gun crime, and know that it’s criminals that are committing these crimes. Even worse, the federal government has the ability to tackle gun smuggling – which is a HUGE problem between the Canada/US border; The feds can also ensure the harshest possible prison sentences for these criminals who are caught with a firearm that they are not licensed to own. BUT, all of that means the federal government will have to do real work. It’s much easier to just pry them out of the hands of those law-abiding who aren’t committing the crimes, than to address the real source of crime in North America….

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