QOTD: Want to Try an Experiment?

Do you want to try an experiment with me?

I’m serious.

Go get yourself some water. It could be a glass of water or a bottle of water.

DON’T CHEAT! Don’t read ahead. I promise it will be worth it! Go get the water & read on.

I’LL WAIT …… Jeopardy music playing ….

Ok. NOW! You have your self a glass (or bottle) of water.

Take a drink of that water.

Drink it how you normally would.

I don’t care if it’s hot. I don’t care if it’s cold. Just take a swig.


Take another drink of that water and tell me…

how much of that water touched ALL of your teeth?

Unless you’re some sort of freek, the likely answer is that, AT MOST, the water may have touched the back of your 2 front teeth – at most. Am I right?

So, then, can SOMEONE please tell me HOW adding fluoride to the water will help dental health???

My dog drinks like a pig. Maybe the fluoride will help her.

GET EDUCATED. It’s not about dental health. It’s cheaper to hand out a dollar store tube of toothpaste and floss to the “disenfranchised” who need better dental care than to put it into the city water source. Or what about promoting better diet and hygiene. Nope! Let’s forcibly medicate an entire population.