QOTD: Use False Data to Restrict Us?

So… Mr. Kenney was on the Danielle Smith show and acknowledged his awareness that the Covid PCR tests that are used are causes a false positive when amplified cycles over 33. Danielle Smith commented that even Dr. Fauci has warned that testing over 30 will cause false data, yet Alberta is testing using 35???

THE QUESTION OF THE DAY IS: How is it even LEGAL to restrict a province and a people and take away freedoms when the very measure used to detect the virus is inaccurate?

(Background for those who are not aware: The sensitivity of testing, when the cycles are amplified above 30 is so sensitive that BOTH dead and alive viruses are detected)

Jason Kenney said “I’ve raised that with the Chief Medical officer,” but then was quick to DEFLECT that he’s going to “following scientific experts on this” and stated, “I am not qualified…” blah, blah, blah… *EYE ROLL*

Don’t take MY word for it, listen for YOURSELF. Go to the 770CHQR website and scroll down to the “Jason Kenney” interview (27 minutes into the interview) –> https://omny.fm/shows/danielle-smith/playlists/podcast/embed?style=artwork

I voted Jason Kenney. I left the left and became RIGHT and on the side of truth. I respect Mr. Kenney in many ways, but he needs to take a second look at this! IT’S NOT FAIR that they are using testing and making such life-altering decisions while knowingly amplifying the PCR testing sensitivity at a higher rate than is suggested, and then turning around and threatening lockdowns and restrictions that are likely based on many FALSE POSITIVES!

C’mon, Mr. Kenney! DO THE RIGHT THING! STOP the testing of people who have little to no symptoms and reduce the amplification of the testing to UNDER 30!