QOTD: UCP Leadership Contenders

Do you want to know my thoughts on each, now that all of the debates have concluded?

Leela Aheer:
Does Leela know that the “C” in UCP stands for Conservative?
Unless you’re blind, you should be able to clearly see that this woman is a Liberal.
We don’t need a virtue-signalling, identity politics leader. Ok – maybe she got her hand slapped for her covid stance…maybe that’s the libertarian in her – but it doesn’t overshadow the very thing I hate most about liberals: displaying rainbow pins, and fists, and their pretentious allegiance to equality for their own personal validation.
And what’s with all these hoaxes that are suddenly surrounding her? If I didn’t know any better, I’d think these are stunts to gain public sympathy. I smell boloney…

Travis (Kenney) Toews (Taves):
If you like serpents.
If you like a double-talking person who ineffectively tries to ‘matrix’ dodge valuable questions, this snake is for you! Travis sealed the deal at the Western Standard debate when not only did he NOT answer the question after being asked twice, but he also tried to use that time to low-blow Danielle Smith. Clearly it didn’t work. He got heckled. Nice try, though. The only way this fraud is winning the leadership vote is with some kind of Kenney-style kamikaze stunt.

Speaking of kamikaze…
Brian Jean:
What a disappointment.
Brian won his seat in Grande P, and then went into hiding. When Danielle Smith announced that she would be running for UCP leader, I was expecting BJ to run out with guns blazing – but….crickets….
In all of the debates, he came across as desperate and extremely rehearsed and pretentious. His extra, unnecessary attempts to jab Danielle weakened him. But, most importantly, his entitlement and negativity towards new ideas is concerning. Aside from Smith and Loewen, I dislike BJ the least out of the pack, which has him in the 3rd rank on the ballot for me – but I am 99% sure I won’t even waste the ink voting for a 3rd candidate….

Rajan Sawhney
There’s just something pretentious and slimy about this lady. She focused so heavily on Danielle Smith that it gavemore time to listen to Danielle’s sensible rebuttals. She should have spoken more tangibly about what she would do to help the province rather than desperately attempt to extinguish another candidate’s flame…

Rebecca Schultz:
I don’t even know how to spell her name.
Yawn. Rebecca who? Where was Rebecca these past couple years? Bye, Felicia. Um, I mean, Rebecca.

Todd Loewen:
When I think of a spine, I think of this guy right here.
If the rest of the panel (aside from Danielle) was as brave as this fellow, Alberta would have been the Florida of the North. I wish he was going to win. Since he won’t, I will have him as my #2. This is the man right here. God bless him.

Danielle Smith:
The one.
Read my past post for my detailed thoughts about her.
Long story short, prior to Danielle even knowing there would be a leadership race, I listeneed to her faithfully on 770CHQR. Back then, she shared opinions that I agreed with 99% of the time. When she had no reason to be misleading, I appreciated her thought process. Now, we have someone with a CAN-DO attitude.

All we have is the other politicians parading around saying that we can’t do this or can’t do that. With that defeatist attitude, Quebec would have never achieved the different rules and sovereignty that they have. Why can’t we think more about ourselves as a province? What’s wrong with that? Nothing.

It’s time to try. It’s time Alberta focused on Alberta’s interests. I am 100% in favor of trying something new. The old way hasn’t worked. I’m tired of living the definition of insanity.

Last thing – we can’t forget that Rebecca, Rajan, Leela, Travis were all there for all of the mandates and I am sure if all of these people alongside Todd Loewen and the other MLA’s stood up and refused the vaxx pass, jabs, and lockdowns, it never would have happened. These MLA’s automatically lose MEGA points because of it. No one who leads the UCP party should be ANY ONE OF THOSE who stood by, or lightly opposed the violation of our freedoms.


  1. Danielle Smith
  2. Todd Loewen
  3. No one else deserves my vote

Praying they don’t steal this one. God, help us….