QOTD: The Right to Murder Myself?

You have a right to ask for help to kill yourself (assisted suicide), but you don’t have a right to choose whether to wear a mask or not?

Oh, Canada… So pretentious to the point that we are given the right to ‘off’ our self
The point of this QOTD is to shed light on CHOICE. People(kind) are given the right to gain assistance to end their lives, but in many places in Canada they are taking away the right to choose whether to wear a mask or not; a choice that is cloaked under the guise that it is for the safety of everyone. Since the beginning of time, the SICK were quarantined while the rest of the healthy moved on with their daily lives and allowed their immune system to fulfill it’s purpose.

In the height of the pandemic, face masks were not being used… and even discouraged by health “professionals” including Dr. Fauci and Theresa Tam.

(So, let’s not play games that the criteria is that you must be in irreversible decline to qualify for help to murder yourself. The point is that even if someone is already on death’s door, they are given the right and they are given the choice to fast-track it.)

The erosion has already begun…

Calgary’s “Temporary” ban… How long will it take before it becomes permanent?