QOTD: Taken Out Of Context

Why is it important to evaluate something using the ENTIRE CONTEXT?

I’ll tell you why – because if you’re searching for TRUTH, then there is no other way to find it without looking at the big picture.

Imagine you were told that a Wife was overheard screaming and running after her husband saying, “I’m gonna kill you!” But when you watch the full video, you see that they were sitting in the backyard, and the husband crept up and (playfully) poured a bucket of water on his wife, in which she (shocked, but laughing) screams and chases him saying, “I’m gonna kill you!” THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING, RIGHT?! The beauty of context.

Fast forward to the leaked Rat-burger call… MSM releases a couple chopped up clips making it sound like Trump was trying to convince them to “find” votes so that he can overturn Georgia and win that state.

Now, listen to the full 1 hour phone call and you will understand the conversation IN CONTEXT.

Oh, and FYI, to those who actually listen to the full hour, the name being beeped out is RUBY FREEMAN! Look up her name. She is a fraudster and should be in JAIL. Her, her daughter and all the officials who were complicit in this 2020 election fraud.

If you can’t hear the fact that Ratsburger and team are not interested in SHARING or finding the TRUTH, then I can’t help you.

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