QOTD: Should We Honor Whores Too?

So, a man named Paul Wilkinson, nicknamed Smokey, who was a junkie now has a Calgary park dedicated to him.

Remember the days when our TV adds said, “Users are losers, and losers are users. Don’t use drugs.”? Well, now we are naming parks after those users and losers?

Don’t get me wrong – as humans, we all have our own individual battles. No one is perfect or righteous. But if we are going to leave a legacy of statues, at the very least there should be a positive motto or moral of the story, right? I can think of a handful of people who deserve a park named after them ahead of any druggie.

Calgary didn’t name a park after a man who walked from one end of Canada and back in the name of freedom – James Topp. They didn’t name it after a pastor who was jailed for having church service and feeding the hungry during the plandemic – Pastor Artur. They didn’t name it after a hero of human rights or warrior for liberty. Instead, they named it after a person who didn’t contribute to society.

The liberals celebrate the toppling of statues of men who have a past; But at least many of those men – by the sweat of their brow – helped to build the society and country that we now enjoy. What did “Smokey” contribute? A smile and being a nice person? Well, we should have a million Calgarians with parks named after them if we use that logic to justify this disappointing decision..

What next? Shall the next park be named after a drunk who crashed and killed himself? Should we honour a prostite that was murdered during her shift duties? Shall we celebrate that too?

Way to set the bar high, Calgary.

You clearly need help understanding what a hero looks like. Here’s a real hero for ya.

James Topp
Truckers are our hero