QOTD: Should Unvaxxed Pay a Tax?

Question: Should the unvaxxed pay a monetary penalty for being unvaxxed?

My answer: Yes. As soon as there is a tax on ALL cardiac-related, obesity-related, smoking-related, drinking-related disease or condition.

I keep saying it, but I’ll say it again:

BUFFET TAX: Anyone eating at a buffet should pay $100 per plate towards health premiums as they increase risk of obesity, diabetes, heart disease.

ALCOHOL TAX: $1000 per month “liquor pass” that goes directly towards the ‘Cirrhosis Prevention’ tax…

DIABETIC TAX: Insert a chip in all diabetics to detect if they’re eating poorly. $100 per excess cookie! .02% rebate to purchase fake sugar.

FAT TAX: Anyone over size 8 must pay double for clothing, as their clothes require more material.

SUGAR TAX: All sugary beverages are $50 per bottle; $25 per donut; and a steal of a deal at only $14.99 per Timbit!

FAST FOOD TAX: Any restaurant that sells fried foods, sugar, carbs, and fatty food must charge the BUFFET TAX, per meal.

50% of the taxes goes towards GYMS to provide everyone with FREE GYM MEMBERSHIPS equivalent to having 5 days per week per person. Now, that’s a tax I can get behind!

Let’s get all these measure in place FIRST, then I will support a non-vax tax

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