QOTD: Scared? YOU Stay Home

If you’re so scared of covid, why don’t YOU stay home and let the rest of us get back to normal?

Over 80% of deaths are in NURSING HOMES. What does this tell you? It tells you that the heavy lifting needs to be done in the elder-care industry, not in the normal daily activities of the general population.

Why aren’t businesses doing the REVERSE; shop at your own risk – you know, like the way it used to be pre-2020…

Why don’t we reverse the curb-side pick-up for those who are scared of catching a cold or flu inside of the grocery store? Why are they banning people who are healthy and have a better chance of dying in a crash on the way home than from covid (if they caught it)?

Why are many stores not allowing mask exemptions and blocking NORMAL, HEALTHY people from shopping unless they have a mask.

When did being healthy change into being an asymptomatic virus carrier?