QOTD: Say It Loud! I’m White And I’m Proud!

Black + proud = PRIDE…
White + proud = RACIST/KKK…

While I was shopping in a bookstore in a mall, I heard a James Brown song come on. “Say it loud – I’m black and I’m proud!” I shook my head and continued to shop. At every turn of my head, I see books about black pride, black this, and black that. Entire rows dedicated to all kinds of sexual pride and colour pride (and showcasing hateful books of Donald Trump, of course).

The song seemed to have been on an extended loop and blare for eternity. I decided to approach the till and I asked the cashier why they are playing this song. She referred my question to the manager who said that it was the store’s music choice, at which I – a black female – made it my duty to show them the hypocrisy that the mainstream media doesn’t help them to see.

“If you change this song to ‘I’m White and I’m Proud,’ this song will be considered racist!” I said. Now, you can only imagine the look of confusion on their faces! A black person telling them that such a song is racist. I think their heads were moments away from exploding. Like Joe Biden and Trudeau, Liberals and Democrats think they own the mind of black people. Imagine, there are blacks who do not endorse that divisive narrative. “You need to speak with head office and let them know that this is completely unacceptable and we are tired of the double standard.” He apologized and said he will let head office know… I’ll send them a letter later to make sure.

This song is unacceptable and no longer fits the time that we are living in. There is not one living black person or celebrity that can say they were forced to use the back staircase, the freight elevator, or sit at the back of the bus in the year 2020! Are there still racist people – of course! Are the times anything like they were when James Brown was singing his tune – not even close!

If it’s racist to insert “white” then I don’t want hear ANY black “pride” songs from a different time when there was a real cause and struggle worth fighting for.