QOTD: Pretending to Be Another Race?

Another white person caught pretending to be a different race? I thought it only happened in the United States of America, but OH, CANADA, we got ourselves one, too!

Carrie Bourassa. Anishinaabe M├ętis from Treaty Four Territory?
Carrie Bourassa with parents and grandparents from Russia!

Not really an Indian (Native, Aboriginal, Metis, First Nation or whatever the non-offensive term is nowadays…)

Don’t get mad at me, but according to the the left’s rules, this lady did nothing wrong. Why can’t she ‘identify’ as whomever or whatever she wants?! Nope! Liberals are crying out that this is a disgusting display of white privilege! Hahahah! I laughed ’til I could hardly breathe, I tell ya! You can identify as a unicorn, but not a Native… Mmmk.

Oh, let’s not forget Rachel Dolezal. Both parents white, but somehow she paraded around as a black woman. Not sure how black people were fooled – especially black women, because we would NEVER leave the house on purpose with ratchet road kill on our head.

Wanted to join the oppressed and marginalized, I guess.

Eh ehm! Let’s do another one. Sean King. He identifies as a black man.

Another “brotha” with a white mutha and white fatha.

And, finally, we can’t forget Pocohantas herself!

The whitest Native Indian I’ve ever seen