QOTD: Opinions Are Like A Belly Button

Do we learn more from those who we agree or disagree with?

If you are constantly surrounded by like-minded individuals, how are you going to challenge your opinions? Better yet, how are you going to truly understand what you think and why you view it that way?

Everyone has an opinion. Everyone. The problem is that there are many people who have such strong opinions, yet the moment you ask them a question to discover why they feel/think that way, their eyes glaze over and their logic folds like a deck of cards.

Imagine thinking that a gun ban is necessary, then someone challenges you and asks where all the crime is coming from. If 99% of the crime is coming from unlicensed criminals, then your advocacy for gun control is obsolete… because 99% of law-abiding gun-owners aren’t doing the crime. Taking away guns from the people who are NOT committing crime doesn’t address the issue at all, does it?
So, thinking deeper and hearing opposing views should help you – but, unfortunately, this is the point where many people double down… Pretty sad…

Opinions are like a bellybutton… Everyone has one. Some are innies, some are outties, some are in between, but they are all USELESS after birth…

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