QOTD: New Year, New FEAR?

***Warning: The following word may trigger those known as “sheep”. If you wear a mask while walking or driving alone, the below post may be uncomfortable. If you are able to view/listen to more than 20 seconds of CBC, Global News, CTV, or can stomach more than 3 seconds of Justin Trudeau’s voice, you may become emotionally disturbed by the below post, especially the trigger word for 2021. Please proceed with reading at your own discretion.

Panic-demic Word of 2021:


Ok, folks! It’s a New Year, so isn’t it time for New Fear? Do people really still fall for the mainstream media’s improper-ganda?

Instead of broadcasting the low Wuhan flu numbers and the virtually non-existent seasonal flu, we are being inundated by MSM’s 2021 fearmongering campaign.

I do believe there are 50 new variants. They’re called:


Like, who even listens to the mainstream media anymore? When will this end? When will the media be held accountable for perpetuating mass hysteria?…