QOTD: My Thoughts on Climate Change?

Do I believe in climate change? Well, of course I do! Yesterday it was a thunderstorm and today was +25. Every day the climate changes. Every season the climate changes.

Until the ones who actually make a significant contribution to emissions, (eh-ehm, China and India) are being punished like we are, I don’t want to hear anything more about it.

Canada’s ENTIRE population is equivalent to the state of California’s population. That’s ONE state in America. If Canada were to shut down everything that emits, we would reduce the world’s emissions by NOT EVEN 2.0%… So, go drive your V8, drink from a plastic straw, and get on with your lives, because clearly this climate alarmism isn’t really about the climate, or we would have all the purple-haired, pig-tailed braided people protesting in China and India.

I agree that someone has to BE the change… but, for example, if I am trying to help feed a group of people and I am contributing a single grain of rice, while someone else has a 2 pound BAG of rice, which person has the greater impact? Which person has the “quickest” and most helpful win?…

Anyone who can’t see the hypocricy in this can go plant a tree, fly a kite, and get out of my ears with that non-sense.