Can you name 3 of your municipal leaders? First AND last name?

Many people can’t.

Our cities are being hi-jacked.

Today’s vote in Calgary shone a light on 3 people who must be VOTED OUT- unless you want to have immigrants voting and paying extra for air (paper bag for your drive-thru order).

Calgary’s city council voted to repeal the single-use items bylaw that shouldn’t have been enacted in the first place.

The 3 stooges who voted to keep taxing Calgarians:

Courtney Walcott of Ward 8
Gian-Carlo Carra of Ward 9
Kourtney Penner of Ward 11

REMEMBER THESE NAMES AND WARDS . This is where the door-knocking/ canvassing is going to matter the most. Gondek must go, too.

Just when I think the UCP can’t make me prouder – they do. Bill 20 will become a good deterrent for similar municipal ideological over-reach.