QOTD: Modern Slavery Laws of 2020?

Slavery and apartheid was not only legal at one point in recent history, but it was embraced by the majority of people as the “norm” of that time.

Looking back into the slavery days, was the fact that slavery was legal make it morally OK?
How many years do you think it will take to look back at 2020/21 and realize how immoral, inhumane the lockdown, mandates, and potential forced vaccinations were?

Such a beautiful night of walking for the freedom of Calgarians, Albertan’s and the World. For every person you see marching, there are many who are too afraid to come out. We will march for them until they find the time or the courage.

Yes, I do attend FREEDOM protests. I’m tired of the mainstream media calling it an anti-mask protest. I don’t know where you protest, but the Calgary/Edmonton protests are for FREEDOM.

I march for VOLUNTARY, FREE WILL, that is my God-given right.

I march as a firearms owner, wanting restored freedom with the right for me as a law-abiding citizen to bear arms

I march as a moral citizen who reads the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, knowing that I have the right to a peaceful assembly and protest

I march for the freedom to choose whether I want to wear a mask or not

I march for the freedom of inviting whomever I choose to into my home

I march as a black Canadian with the God-given right to associate with any group. The media and haters call it a group of racist, white Trump supporters… Well, I am not racist, nor am I white – but I am a Trump supporter…

I march for all the people who are at home afraid to do so. I hope they see the multitude of us and have courage to stand.

“OBEDIENCE is doing what you’re told
MORALS is doing what’s right