QOTD: Mercy for Gun Criminals?

If there is an issue of gun crime in Canada, what do you think the best and most LOGICAL approach is for reducing or eliminating the problem?

A) Increase the punishment for those found in illegal possession or illegal use of a firearm
B) Focus on the US/Canada border where most of the firearm smuggling is coming from
C) Work harder to take firearms away from law abiding citizens
D) Reduce the sentence for criminals with firearms offences

Well, the answer is both C and D if your last name is Trudeau.

According to a post in the Toronto Sun, it appears that criminals with gun offenses deserve mercy.

I mean, we all make mistakes in life, but I think the vast majority of us have never robbed anyone at gun-point before. I could be wrong… Just blame it on being young and dumb. That is justifiable in our current “justice” system.

According to the article, “If the new bill follows the path of C-22, then the Liberal government will also seek to remove the one-year mandatory minimum sentence for charges related to smuggling and trafficking in illegal guns. The gun violence problem in this country is driven by smuggled guns, and the government should be using every tool possible — including the Criminal Code — to deal with this issue.”


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