QOTD: Masks at AHS Facilities?

Are these “doctors” and healthcare workers serious?

A few weeks ago I flew internationally with NO MASK. I sat with HUNDREDS of strangers for HOURS on an airplane to the Caribbean. I ate several times per day at the all-inclusive hotel buffet, injesting food that thousands of people picked at, poked through and talked over (moistly). I drank and frolicked poolside and on a beach with people from every corner of the globe. In those 7 days, I can count on my hands how many people I saw wearing a mask. But today, I couldn’t attend a 60 second appointment to get blood drawn without a mask in FEBRUARY 2023?!?! 2023!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As the sheep herded into the line, sanitized their hands, took their mask from a table at the front door and put it on like good little slaves, I walked right by it. As I stood waiting for my turn, I began to think that there was no possible way that I will have an issue. Like, no possible way! They can’t seriously be enforcing masking at this point. Nuh uh!

Anyone with a brain can see that this makes no sense, right?

Ok! My turn. I whipped out my requisition form and Alberta Health card. I walked up to the counter and said good morning.

“Oh. You need to wear a mask,” she said.

“Is that still a thing?” I asked

“Yes, AHS requires it still.” she commanded.

She proceeded to tell me that if I don’t wear one then I have to wait in my car. SO, I went and waited in my car. Like, is that supposed to be punishment? Lol! I get to comfortably sit in my car instead of a steamy waiting room full of sheep?

I went to my car, listened to some tunes and about 10 minutes later the VIP text came through. “DynaLIFE is ready to see you now. Please proceed inside and check in with staff. [AUTOMATED MESSAGE]”

The only thing I could do was shake my head and wish I had clown wigs that I could hand out to all the staff trying to enforce this mental illness.

I went in, rolled up my sleeve, answered the verification and watched the needle like a hawk as it went in (to make sure that they’re only taking OUT not puttin in). The nice lady extracted 3 vials in less than 60 seconds and I was on my way.