QOTD: Let the Maskless Die of Covid?

Have you heard a health professional state that people who go to freedom protests should not be allowed medical care if they contract covid?

Well, I did! I spoke to someone yesterday who works for Alberta Health Services. In a conference call that they were in, the healthcare professionals were making these disgusting statements. They thought that everyone on the call agreed with their position, but they thought wrong.

Our politicians are AWARE that the PCR tests are FAULTY, yet they continue to make restrictions and mandates based on false positives.

So, a person who eats themselves into obesity or diabetes, should they be given medical care? They had the FREEDOM to CHOOSE a salad over the fried chicken. They knew the risks. Do they not deserve care?!?!

A woman who has an ultrasound and told to abort her child because of birth defects, but chooses to keep the child. If the child is, indeed, born with issues and needs medical intervention, does her child not deserve care?!?!

There are way too many examples I can give of human beings exercising their freedom to make a decision, but should that give anyone else the right to deny them assistance?

What an unforgiving, judgmental and thoughtless society we live in. These are the people running to Jason Kenney asking for lockdowns. They don’t have a heart of mercy and love and wanting to help people – they like the power and playing as if they’re god.

These are the people in charge of taking care of the sick… No wonder our healthcare system is in the state it’s in…

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