QOTD: Lest We Forget?

Lest We Forget?

Lest We Forgeot

We forgot

Soldiers didn’t die to give our “government” the freedom to take away our liberty.

Their act of courage was to give their very lives for what we thoughtlessly enjoyed pre-2020.

Veterans and their families participated in discriminatory “celebrations” today via an invite-only, mask mandated gathering in Calgary today. The poppy used to be a symbol of the ultimate sacrifice, now it’s just a financially profitable tradition. I didn’t buy a poppy this year.

Those of us who refuse to be enslaved found our way to the real Veterans Day celebration at Central Memorial park in downtown Calgary. What an HONOUR it was to be amongst the STRONG AND FREE.

Praying God will give us grace to get through these tyrannical times, and a swift hand of justice over all who are willingly and/or ignorantly promoting this horrific act against humanity.