QOTD: Legal Drinking Age = 12yrs old?

Well, since 12 year old children are now encouraged to make potentially life-altering decisions, such as booking an experimental gene therapy injection, should we also lower the legal drinking age? Should we lower the legal smoking age? Hey, while we’re at it, why don’t we just do away with any age limit?

All ages porn shops! Open the bars and weed shops! Puff, puff, pass, little Suzy!

Let the kids make their own decisions to go to the bar, have a cigar, drive their own car.

Best of all, if my 12 year old child gets thrown in jail for driving under the influence, DO NOT CALL ME. Call Jason Kenney. Call the Mayor. Call Trudeau for all I care! Maybe the sickly looking Hinshaw or Tam may pick up the little lad. Maybe the B. Gates of Hell will answer the 2am call.

But as long as a parent is responsible for PARENTING, there will never be a law that will supersede the God-given moral compass we use each day to guide and protect our children. It’s just sad that we now have to protect them from the very same ‘medical professionals’ that we used to hold to such a high standard.

Thank God for allowing the Rona. It has allowed us to clearly see the difference between good and evil; the difference between a doctor and a schill in a lab coat; the difference between the weak-minded and the critical thinker. It has separated those who will throw liberty away for a little bit of perceived security from those who will fight for truth and transparency, placing freedom and choice above all.

Thank God you are here taking time out to read my thoughts. Stay informed. Keep sharing. Keep asking questions. Keep the faith.

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