QOTD: Incentive to Take the Jab?

Want to see what your incentive will be for taking the jab?

  1. Still required to wear that mask – even those 5 steps from the door to your seat…because… “science.” And the jab works well, it’s just less effective when you’re entering or exiting a facility.
  2. Nothing screams incentive more that seeing all those vaxxed people still too scared to go to a party or get back to normal! The jab is “Safe and effective! Safe and effective! Squawk! Polly want a cracker!”
  3. Travel restrictions outside of the country – because the jab will protect you everywhere you travel, except in places where you shouldn’t travel. Don’t worry, a politician or software developer will let you know shortly. Please stand by…
  4. Goal post shifting is fun! No need to be worried about being classified as unvaxxed if you refuse to take the booster. It’s happening right now in Israel, but it won’t happen here.
  5. First jab was up to 95% effective. But a 2nd jab was best. Now the 2 jabs wear off in 6 months, so the booster will boost the first 2 that didn’t work. Then the 4th will boost the 3rd… The 5th will boost the 4th… and the companies who make the concoction will continue to promote their own product for profit. This is all done for our own health and safety. That is not conflict of interest at all. No way!
  6. If you do travel, even if you’re double, triple, or soon to be quadruple jabbed, you’ll be subjected to quarantine like Tiffany Guara. But what an adventure it would be to be locked in a hotel room for days with no access to the outside world. Sounds like fun!

All these promises of returning to normal. When will those who took the jab wake up and see that this isn’t designed to ever end.
-> Variant -> Restrictions -> Mandates -> Easing of ‘freedom’ -> Variant -> Restrictions ->Mandates -> Easing of ‘freedom’ -> Another New Variant