QOTD: I Can Quit When I Want To?

Have you ever heard someone in self-denial?

Have you ever heard a smoker or a drinker say, “I can quit when I want to.”?
What about a person who is obese and knows that they need to lose weight. They try to convince you (themself, really) that they choose their habit. They try to convince you that they’re not enslaved.

They sound so strong and sure of themselves that they can do the right thing on the drop of a dime.

You can quit when you want to? Do it, then. Let’s see.

We need to challenge them with a simple question. This is where they can be helped to see the truth of the matter – that they need to break the chains of their self-inflicted enslavement.

MY QUESTION: You can quit cold-turkey? Nike. Just do it, then.
YOUR RESPONSE: Well, I don’t want to
MY RESPONSE: Because you can’t.

REALITY: Get help. Because you CAN. Because you should. You know you’re destroying your body. You know what you’re doing is wrong. Stop lying to yourself and others. You can kick the habit. YOU CAN DO IT!

Philippians 4:13