QOTD: How Many Children Must Die?

How many children must die before we start asking WHY?

Why are so many children suddenly dying of colds and flus that they previously did not die from. In the first 2 years of the plandemic, 2 children SUPPOSEDLY died from corona. IN 2 YEARS!!! In the last 30 days, 23 children have died!

WHY IS NO ONE ASKING WHAT THE COMMON DENOMINATOR IS?! I bet they know why. It’s the same reason why they removed reporting from the website upadating “Vaccine Outcomes”. The data was showing the truth that the jab not only didn’t work, but that people with 3 doses at the time made of 50% of hospitalizations…

Just use the WAYBACK MACHINE. It’s all there – until they removed it in summer 2022


Even the government data was telling the truth – so they removed it. Go check for yourself.