QOTD: Get The Rona Yet?

Have you had the rona (regular seasonal flu) yet this year?

I did. If it was Omicron, I want a refund… Didn’t live up to the hype. 2 day headache and muscle ache was all it was. No loss of taste or smell… Zero respiratory issues. No sore throat.

It started with a scratch in my throat, then my neck muscles started aching.

Immediately, I popped C, D, Zinc, Quercetin and some home-made quinine.

Within a few hours, a bad headache started. I suffer from migraines (especially during chinooks) but this was not even close to the pain of a migraine.

I did my vitamin regime 2 times per day, adding multivitamins, decreasing my consumption of inflammatory food, drinking elderberry tea, staying hydrated, taking hot showers and getting rest.

The throat scratch started on a Wednesday night. I was fine by Friday.

Global, CBC, mainstream media and all the sheep hyped it up so much. “Girl! You don’t want to catch covid! I felt like I was going to die!”

I’d like to attribute my healthy weight and eating habits for breezing through this thing… Prayers to those who suffered and even passed away from this flu, though. But remember, people have been dying from the flu since the beginning of recorded history.

This flu was underwhelming, at best. I’ve had WAY worse.