QOTD: Frère Jacques?

Have you found that you lost respect for a lot of people in your life who you mistook for being wise?

As a child, I could hardly wait to become an adult because I thought that age would make me smarter and fearless. I was dumb enough to think that older meant wiser; Older meant un-afraid.

Decades older, I look at the world in disappointment at how few people there are who are wise enough to know that we know nothing. We are wise enough to know that there are very few of us left. We are wise enough to know that we’re in the last days of ‘liberty’ and autonomy, because even those who claim to be awake barely have the mental fortitude to see through the trickery of the powers that be. They still have their doorbell cameras, their Alexa, their “ok Google”, their Facebook, still sharing their plans to fight big tech while using Google docs and their gmail accounts. They’re still fighting using e-transfers and GoFundMe and tapping their debit and card. They don’t even know about digital currency and the carbon score system attached to purchases. They have no idea about censorship bills and smart cities.

Many of the ones who claim to be “awake” are too lazy to get out of bed to run for council or Mayor, or MLA, or MP, or even help with campaigning for the good guy, or even going out to vote.

It seems the UN and WEF and WHO, and “elites” know exactly how to get us: Comfort and complacency.

You claim to be NOT woke
You claim to be AWAKE
Where is the value of you being awake when you’re still laying in bed doing nothing?

Frère Jacques?